New England Summer Nationals 2015 Event Dates


Submit a Location for the 2015 Summer Nationals!
Bob Moscoffian has begun planning the 2015 show and wants your input for a new location! This show has always been all about the people who attend it so this is your chance to suggest a location for next year! Please keep in mind that Bob has always tried to keep it centrally located and it must be near hotels, restaurants be large enough to accommodate the huge number of participants and spectators. Bob seriously wants your ideas so please don't submit foolish ideas or pranks. ANYTHING SUGGESTING WORCESTER or GREEN HILL PARK will be DELETED!

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The 2014 New England Summer Nationals has Been Canceled!
Unfortunately recent health and other issues have prevented the proper planning and promoting of this action packed event the way it should be! I could have very easily put together a two bit show just to keep the gates open but I feel that you, the die-hard fans of this show both old and new deserve the best possible show that I can deliver! To take away the excitement of the Burnouts, Flamers, Drags, Miss NESN Pageant & Parade, and far more would not be fair to the die-hard Summer Nat's fans!
This is NOT the End of the New England Summer Nationals!
Put to rest any rumors before they start because this is NOT the end of this show! I promise every fan that stands up for this show and with ample time to plan the 2015 New England Summer Nationals will return and will be bigger and wilder than any previous show! I want to select a centralized location with plenty of hotels and camping nearby without any curfews to prevent the fun! Also I want to encourage show fans and the many friends I have made over the years to leave your feedback and location suggestions on plus be sure to follow and right here on!
Thank You, Bob Moscoffian

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Last Updated August 27th 2014